Construction Training Fund

Construction Training Fund Staff

All Construction Training Fund officers can be contacted by telephoning (08) 9244 0100

Alan Jackson
Executive Director

Pam Prideaux
Executive Assistant

Eamon Moore
Director, Communications & Operations

Mark Lukan
Manager of Finance

Richard Magaisa
Finance Officer

James Adair
Manager, Levy Compliance

Amadea Hristopoulos
Supervisor of Programs

Laura Murphy
Program Officer

Kanta Rabadia
Program Officer

Marilyn Monaghan
Program Officer

Alison Northwood
Program Officer

Jennifer Hampson
Program Officer

Takarah Stokes
Customer Service Officer

Aidan Cowdery
Senior Industry Training Advisor

Braden Lang
Industry Training Advisor

Steve Doubell
Industry Training Advisor

Melissa Paxman
Visitor Experience Coordinator

Elaine McGrath
Manager, Research & Development

Construction Training Council

Alan Davis
Director, Skills Development

Lyn MacDonald
Project Manager

Ric Johnson
Project Manager

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