Construction Training Fund

The Construction Training Fund Training Levy

The Building and Construction Industry Training Fund (BCITF) Levy applies to all residential, commercial and civil engineering projects undertaken in Western Australia where the total value of construction is estimated to be more than $20,000.

The rate of the levy is 0.2% of the total value of construction (inclusive of GST) or $200 in every $100,000 worth of project value.

A project owner is required to pay the levy prior to commencement of construction work. Failure to pay the levy prior to commencement of construction can result in a penalty of up to $50,000, plus up to 100% of the original levy fee.

For more information, read the training levy brochure or contact the CTF on
(08) 9244 0100 or email

Payment of the Levy

In most cases, the BCITF Levy is paid to a Local Government Authority (LGA) when an application is made for a building permit. The LGA will provide applicants with a levy form for completion and will issue a receipt confirming payment has been made.

In situations where a building permit is not required, a project owner must pay the levy directly to the CTF prior to commencement of any building work. Payments can be made online or by cheque. A cheque payment must be accompanied by a BCITF Levy form which can be obtained by emailing

A receipt will be issued once the levy form and payment have been received.


The BCITF Levy can be refunded if a construction project is cancelled. Project owners seeking a refund for a cancelled project should contact the CTF or download a refund application form.

The CTF will require evidence that the project has been cancelled.

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